Marilyn Green

M A R I LY N  G R E E N - P A I N T I N G S -


At first glance the paintings appear to be abstract. At a second glance we see through the abstract

appearance and discover vertical and horizontal planes, occasionally blocks or frameworks building

fluid compositions where a background and foreground become obvious. And then, before we are

even aware, we see spaces and scenes develope, and then there are landscapes or inner


This growing awareness depends strongly on the colour. The colour is more important than the

form; the form originates first from and with the colour. They are often strong, energetic colours

that frequently become planes and frameworks where a ground is suggested, then there are forrest

and lakes. The paintings not only challenge us, they invite us to immerse within them.

Sometimes they are enticing landscapes that candidly, unintentionally seem to unfold while we are

looking with a playful determination, stimulating our imagination and our discoveries. But it is not

just a question of decipher, but moreso, how this happens. The magic of these paintings is not that

the subjects are treated „magically“ and constructed from objects, motives or details, or surreale

interpretations, but in the artist techique in itself.

We have to rely upon our own interpretations and study our own process of looking. And what do

we notice first? What occures, becomes obvious? How does colour and form allow us to see all at

once a place or a landscape? But this place or landscape is formed from our seeing and therefore

inseparable from our own personal interpretation. Then we discover a letting loose from these

places or landscapes. It is a process, an occurance. There are paintings where different forms

develope to an above and a below, a right and a left – here I mean not simply in relationship to the

picture frames-, the course encircles a whiteish formation that challenges us to project within it.

I project that this whiteish formation evades discription or definition and that it will always do so –

perhaps its definition means the process of seeing in itself, that we know, but then, however hard we

look we cannot quite understand. Here the magical becomes our own. Marilyn Greens

paintings transform abstractions into environments, and environments into abstractions.


Prof.Wilhelm Gauger


Encountering British Art  Gallery Bauscher, Potsdam, Germany